Frequently asked questions.

What are your business hours?
7am-5pm Mon-Fri and 7am-12pm Sat

What is the minimum for delivery?
3 tonne or approximately 2 cubic yards

What would you recommend for a driveway?
Type 1 quartzite if it’s level and type 1 granite if it’s on a hill

Do you delivery to my area?
We deliver to all HRM and surrounding areas… Hubbards, Mt Uniake, Dartmouth, residential and commercial

Do you come out to give estimates?
No but with a little bit of conversation on the phone we can usually determine requirements

Do you place it or spread the gravel?
We do not have a construction crew but can help find someone in your area and we can spread somewhat depending on circumstances on site

Can we pick up a small amount?
Yes we have a ‘You Load’ section with all products and you can pick it up in any amount.

Do you load pickup trucks?
No, not unless it has a dump box or a dump trailer

What do I use for drainage?
Use a clear stone with size depending on the application. We can discuss and recommend which product to use.

Do you have decorative stone?
We have pea stone and granite that are more decorative than the regular stone